Data experts achieve the near impossible using GIS technologies

Councils now have access to a radically different web mapping solution that moves the technology on to ensure that information is stored consistently, helping to improve the management of essential asset information.

Local Government Portal was developed in response to a challenge from Dotted Eyes’ existing customers. Ben Allan, MD of Dotted Eyes, explains,

Too often, the richness of the front-end is the sole focus of web mapping development, but our customers demanded more. They wanted refinements to the user interface to be coupled with a structured and secure data storage facility, and the ability to share different combinations of datasets with disparate groups of stakeholders.

We were faced with a seemingly contradictory requirement: How do you make data more secure whilst also making it more accessible?

The solution lay in open source software.

Within Local Government Portal, a central spatial database stores all the datasets in a controlled environment, and sophisticated access control technology seamlessly defines which of the stored datasets are displayed to each user group. The data is displayed in an intuitive widescreen mapping interface which offers all the functionality users expect, such as pan, zoom, annotate and print to PDF.

Ben continues,

We have eliminated the need for councils to run separate web mapping portals for different stakeholders – reducing the burden of administration, eradicating data duplication and minimising licensing costs through the use of open source. Organisations can now achieve more business benefits than channel shift alone.”

Customers are invited to contribute to the development roadmap for the software, and, if specific functionality is required, they can use in-house developers, or Dotted Eyes’ specialists, to develop and integrate new modules.

For examples of how maps can be used to convey information regarding planning, schools, housing, etc, not only in terms of displaying information on a map, but also using the map to signpost users to other areas of a council’s website in order to reduce the duration of a customer journey, go to:

Channel Shift Examples