Join us on Monday 03rd or Friday 07th October 2011 at 11am for a FREE Webcast exploring the benefits of Live Web Chat in the Public Sector Customer Services environment. New and Multi-Channel service delivery methods are becoming the mainstay of delivering customer service in the Public Sector – with so many options out there it can be hard to understand what is available, what can be delivered and critically which of the solutions on the market can genuinely make a difference to increasing productivity and reducing operational overheads.


This FREE Webcast is available to PSCSF and Public Sector Web members to offer an insight into the usage and the benefits of Live Chat. Run in conjunction with Parker Software, the leading UK based developer and a Global  top 4 provider of Live web chat and Real Time Analytics; this useful Webinar will explore some key points to help you understand how Live Chat can be used to deliver budgetary savings, excel in offering customer service, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.


  • Monitoring Operator Productivity and Customer Service Standards
  • Security of Live Chat
  • Using Live Chat to ensure First Contact Resolution and Increase Website Visitor Confidence
  • Predict unnecessary telephony / email contact and divert contact
  • Engage with Diversity – Language Translation
  • Know your website visitors
  • Use Real-Time analytics to monitor website functionality and address site function issues


The web-casts will be limited group numbers to allow you to engage and ask any questions that you may have and are aimed at Customer Service Managers, e-Government and Web Managers plus delegates from IT and Operations, these short 45 minute sessions will include a brief Live Chat demonstration in addition to a topical and informative presentation – reserve your place now to avoid disappointment.

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Supporting these webinars are Parker Software