Instant public feedback helps improve customer service

Touchscreen customer feedback technology is once again being put to use in the drive to improve customer service around the world.

Police officers in Kuala Lumpar will be rated for service by customers in police stations accross the country.

The Government of Kuala Lumpar intends to set up a touch-screen user interface at police stations across the country to collect public comments in an effort to improve the level of customer service provided by enquiry desk law enforcement officers. reports a spokesman for Deputy Supt Lee Fong Koi as saying the public response throughout the test run has demonstrated a preference for touchscreens over text messaging on mobile phones.

He also said that it is was matter of convenience for the public to be able to enter their ratings immediately while at the police station.

The touch screen customer service rating system has been around since July this year as part of the Government Transformation Programme’s (GTP) Crime National Key Results Area (NKRA), which enables the public to rate police officers serving them at the front of police stations in Selangor.

There are currently 165 counters in 82 police stations throughout Selangor assigned to handle crime related cases (not including traffic issues), that are taking part in the initiative.

Officers are rated on a scale of one to four, with four being the very best based on evaluations such as efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Police officers who continually receive low ratings will be put on a development and coaching programme.