This workshop is aimed at those who either have an interest in making the case for channel shift or scrutinising such a business case.   Its intention is to cover all of the critical areas that such a business case should cover and explain what the principal risks normally are.

The role of the business case

Our aim will be to explain how a well-produced business case can massively reduce the risks involved in the project and help in achieving a smooth and effective implementation process.   We will explore with examples the key elements of a business case for channel shift and how weaknesses can lead to major failures later in the project.


The workshop will look at how to quantify and track the benefits that the programme intends to deliver.  It will also look at how different stakeholders can perceive benefits quite differently.
The business case as part of the project management process

The workshop will set out how a business case fits into the project management process and how it may require several iterations before the organisation can safely commit to the change.  It will explain how understanding and managing uncertainty is an important part of the project.  It will also explain how various approaches can be used to manage this risk without introducing undue delay to the programme.

The business case as an exercise in stakeholder management

It is not uncommon for a business case for channel shift to be approved with one critical element missing, the support of the key stakeholders needed to deliver it.  The workshop will explain how to bring key stakeholders with you and how you will need to present the same basic case in several different ways to win their support.

Managing the transition from a business case to a change programme

Another common stage for problems to occur is the transition from what is effectively a bid for funding to an actual change project.  As the project navigates this stage the skills needed to support it change and it is likely that the size and shape of the project team will need to change.  The workshop will explain the need to plan this transition in order to maintain momentum and support that has been built in making and winning the argument for change and investment.

Exercises and takeaway content

The workshop will include at least one interactive learning exercise and will provide a set of templates and tools that delegates may take away to share with colleagues.  These materials are offered as part of the course, but strictly on the understanding that they are for internal use only and will not be shared with commercial organisations.  There may also be a need for pre-reading to prepare for interactive exercises.