We may all have heard of Channel Shift but sometimes the ambition is simply to enable citizens to ‘self-serve’.  This is the main reason behind Wycombe District Council’s deployment of Astun Technology’s iShare platform.













So how successful has this been? Well using Google Analytics, Graham Walters, the Spatial Information Management Team Leader, has recorded what has been happening on a monthly basis since deployment in April 2011. The graph below shows the satisfyingly upward trend for the number of visits and the number of unique users.  The ‘peaks’ are around holiday periods where users check for revised bin collection dates.  Wycombe also has 347 registered users of the ‘My Alerts’ email service which lets citizens know when things like bin collection dates change. Other stats also suggest that 26% of users are using the Safari browser which suggests a growing use of ‘mobile’ devices accessing the site.

iShare is a data integration and publishing platform, that is to say it pulls data from a number of different service delivery systems as well as other data sources and enables them to be combined in one glorious mashup and then provides ways of sharing, interrogating or publishing it internally across an intranet or externally via the Internet, through websites or via email. iShare also enables citizen interaction to report a fault request a service and even vote or register an opinion. Development has always been client led and we have been genuinely inspired by where they are taking us and iShare.














For further information visit the Astun Technology website