A customer service job in the public sector can be a stable, well-paid career choice with plenty of opportunities for promotion. It is also rewarding, giving you the opportunity to help people with a variety of problems.


These attractive aspects of public sector customer service jobs mean that there can be plenty of competition for the roles – so here are some tips for finding and landing such a job.


1. Apprenticeships

If you don’t have all the necessary skills required to go straight into a customer service role, a great way to become qualified is to do an apprenticeship. The brilliant thing about doing an apprenticeship is that you get paid while you are learning.


To find an apprenticeship all you need to do is go to a website such as www.cityandguilds.com/apprenticeships.html and follow the simple steps for finding your desired scheme. Then, just is fill in the application material and you could be on your way to earning whilst learning.


2. Online Job Search

With thousands of job websites on the Internet, it has never been easier to find and apply for jobs. As well the broader jobsites there are also sites specifically dedicated to public sector jobs which are certainly worth a look.


The trick to finding your dream job is to start specific, then, should you not find exactly what you’re looking for, broaden your search. This can be done by looking further afield, lowering your salary expectations or even looking at a slightly different role to that which you initially showed interest in.


3. Social Networking

4 in 5 internet users are active on social networking; you can take advantage of this. Post about your job search in your status. Message people you think could help you land a job. You’d be amazed how often people who you know can give you the inside scoop on emerging jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet.


Apply this philosophy in real life too. In your day-to-day interactions with people ask if they know of anyone that could help you find a public sector job. Most will appreciate being asked for knowledge and it never hurts to ask.


4. Update your CV

Once you’ve found a job to apply for your CV can be all your potential employer has to assess you by. Considering the number of applicants they are likely to be comparing you with, issues as small as a spelling mistake can get your CV thrown in the ‘no’ pile. You must, therefore, proofread your CV obsessively and meticulously to remove any such errors.


It is also imperative that your CV really sells you as a top applicant. Be enthusiastic and confident. This is not a situation where modesty is a virtue. Your skills and traits need to be better than your competitor’s, so write as if they are, even if you don’t believe it.

5. Interview Technique

If you’re lucky enough to land an interview, remember that it’s a customer service role you’re applying for. It is incredibly important that you speak confidently and clearly, and that you show good improvisation skills – qualities you’ll need to exercise daily in your new job role if you’re successful.

Note: a very good place to start online is the Customer Service Managers Group on Linkedin where a variety of positions are advertised on a weekly basis