Award-Winning Public Services Partnership of UK Government Councils to Leverage KANA Lagan Enterprise CRM Solutions to Help Drive Efficiency, Collaboration and Cost Savings

KANA Software, Inc., a global leader in customer service solutions delivered on-premise or in the cloud and used by more than 900 organizations worldwide, including half of the Global 100 as well as 250 government entities, today announcedĀ Staffordshire Connects, a partnership of local government councils in the United Kingdom, has chosen theĀ Lagan Enterprise CRM software offering to support streamlined and cost effective public service delivery.

Named a past winner of the Best Public Services Partnership in the UK award, and previously awarded the Government Beacon Award for transforming public services through partnerships, the Staffordshire Connects partnership is a first and foremost example of a shared services approach to government services in the UK. Eight councils are participating in the partnership, the focus of which is efficiency and transformation through shared procurement, process improvement, technology and best practices, and gaining benefit from developing new collaborative methods of working and economies of scale.

In 2012, the partnership sought a replacement CRM system that would improve efficiency and productivity for a full range of public servicesĀ — from adult social care and health, to parking and public works. Following an extensive competitive procurement process, KANA was awarded a multi-year contract for its Lagan Enterprise CRM software.

The CRM solution will be delivered as a Hosted Managed Service via the KANA Cloud, offering high levels of information security (up to IL3). It will support the partnership’s unique operating model of both shared and segregated data, processes and services.

The partnership will leverage the following KANA Lagan Enterprise solutions:

  • Lagan Agent Desktop provides government contact center agents with an optimized client for handling citizen contacts over the phone, by email, and other channels.
  • Lagan Case Management – streamlines the service delivery functions of government, enabling improved efficiency and more citizen-centric, joined-up public services.
  • Lagan Knowledge Management – allows government organizations to quickly and consistently respond to citizen requests for information via the contact center and self-service channels.
  • Lagan Web Self-Service – allows government organizations to quickly and effectively provide citizen access to existing services via the web, and provides benefits for government organizations seeking to commence Channel Shift strategies in response to budget challenges and citizen demand for online access to services.
  • Lagan Business Intelligence – supports the process of collecting and analyzing information about all citizen interactions, thereby supporting better business decisions by making accurate, current and relevant information available when needed.

“We are pleased that Staffordshire Connects will benefit from such a modern and market leading CRM offering that can be easily configured to support both collaborative and individual council working,” said Steve Sankey, project sponsor, Staffordshire Connects. The Lagan hosted model ensures that we can focus our efforts on service delivery as opposed to managing IT and data centre issues, in an extremely cost effective manner. We anticipate the Lagan Enterprise CRM system will dramatically improve the productivity and cost effectiveness of public service delivery to the one million residents that Staffordshire Connects supports.”

“In this time of austerity, it is critical that government pools its resources to enable the delivery of the kinds of services expected by today’s digital customer,” said David Moody, head of worldwide product strategy for KANA Public Sector. “We’re excited to be working with Staffordshire Connects, an organization that has demonstrated its ability to work in partnership to deliver better services, while bringing the cost of service delivery down.”