Does the bad weather disrupt your business? What’s the back up plan?

City Councils across the UK are badly affected by unexpected weather, which puts a strain on customer service resource and productivity especially during the winter months. Snow causes a variety of problems such as school closures and delays in refuse collections resulting in a sudden rise in call volumes which can be difficult to manage.

We are offering a Winter Contingency Web Chat package designed to meet your disaster recovery and customer resource management requirements over the next few months.

Have you considered Web Chat?

WhosOn can offer a low cost, seasonal solution for communicating with the public – Web Chat.

This easy to use technology is fast becoming an the first method of communication to and from businesses – but what can it do for the public sector?

Reduce call volumes – just one user of Web Chat is able to respond to up to 5 enquiries simultaneously.

Reduced handling times – use Web Chat to get straight to the point and take away dialect difficulties.

Virtual working – this solution can be used remotely so should the bad weather affect your staff, ask them to log in from home to help relieve the pressure on the call centre.

Reduce call backs – if school closure information is regularly posted to your site – upload the page link when chatting and your customers will remember where to look for next time, reducing repeat chats & calls and increasing traffic to your site for self service.

Call: Contact Tom Lander on 0330 0882 943 or visit to chat about this simple and cost effective solution.