Running the Public Sector Customer Services Forum (PSCSF), #channelshiftcamp and the Public Sector Customer Services Group, the largest group of its kind on Linkedin, provides an ideal position and opportunity to offer a select number of Service & Solution providers to the Government Vertical Event & Marketing support on an ongoing basis.

With 3 networks covering 3000+ senior managers & decision makers with strategic & tactical responsibility for their organisations Customer Service Transformation strategy along with 18 years experience of delivering successful on and offline marketing opportunities that deliver brand recognition and more importantly, sales leads and contacts in organisations looking to deliver Channel Shift, DigitalFirst and Efficiency Savings through Customer Service Transformation activity.

We can provide development, production and support for the following:

  • Online Marketing inc. Branding Opportunities, Surveys, Online Features, Sourcing & Development of Content Features
  • Workshop Development: sourcing venues/delegates,administration,marketing, output delivery
  • Conference Development: developing/marketing testing conference & content ideas, sourcing speakers, marketing for delegates, venue location, event admin, social reporting on the day, output delivery
  • User Group Development: we can assist Suppliers in developing and managing online/offline user groups and assist in designing/developing User Group agendas that provide real value.

A survey carried out at the end of 2014 with our network with regards to topics of focus for 2015 identified the following areas of interest:



















The current PSCSF/#channelshiftcamp Event Schedule looks like this:

February 2015: #channelshiftcamp NW (Manchester)
April 2015: #channelshiftcamp CRM (Birmingham)
May 2015: #channelshiftcamp Housing NORTH (Leeds) and #channelshiftcamp LONDON & SOUTH EAST (Central London)
June 2015: #channelshiftcamp SCOTLAND (Glasgow) and #channelshiftcamp YORKSHIRE & HUMBER (York)
July 2015 #channelshiftcamp SOUTH WEST (Exeter)
September 2015: #channelshiftcamp AWARDS (Birmingham)
November2015: #channelshiftcamp NORTH WEST (Liverpool)

To register interest in supporting and having involvement in any of the above, mail nick at publicsectorforums dot co dot uk


We’ve do a great deal of Bespoke Event Production & Marketing activity for a number of organisations and here is a selection of that work:


Job Title: Public Sector Heads of Customer Service Research – “The Future of Customer Service
ClientBritish Telecom

BT wanted to understand the thinking of Head of Customer Services in Public Sector organisations in the South East with regards to the effect of the economic downturn on Service Delivery and in particular, the additional pressure on the customer services function.

The project required identifying the thought leaders/innovators, researching their thinking, identifying common themes/issues, bring them together under one roof, getting them to share experiences and ideas and then curate these in a piece of content to be used by BT and partner organisations

How the project was delivered successfully:

  1. Identified best participants using established community & networks
  2. Carried out telephone and web-based surveys to identify key topics and themes
  3. Created an agenda for a Heads of Customer Services summit to take place at BT Tower
  4. Chaired successful activity at BT Tower attended by 25 Heads of Customer Service from PSOs in London and South East
  5. Delivered a piece of content covering the topics and ideas covered at the event

Nick, the research, event and write-up that you have provided us over the last 3 months will prove invaluable to BT Local Government in not only understanding what senior management in Public Sector Customer Service need to move forward but also has identified a significant number of client and product opportunities that we weren’t aware of. Excellent work and look forward to working with you on the next one”

Natasha Clough, Senior CRM Props and Marketing Manager Global, BT Global Services

Job Title: 2009 Civica Annual Public Sector Conference
Client: Civica

Civica engaged us to produce and support their Annual 2 day conference for 500 Public Sector customers and partners taking place in Manchester. Civica needed a streamed event to cater for their diverse local government client base plus a large number of sponsors and exhibitors to support the cost of putting on such a large event.

How the contract was delivered successfully

  1. Developed 5 topic streams with 7 speakers per stream and sold speaker slots to sponsors and engaged a number of independent thought leader speakers.
  2. Developed a number of sponsorship propositions from Lead Sponsorship to exhibitor packages and sold 65 packages generating over £145k in sponsorship
  3. Managed exhibition logistics over the 2 days period
  4. Provided post event support for delegates, speakers and sponsors

“Thanks very much for all your hard work over the last 6 months. The Civica board all thought the conference was a great success, one of the best yet and we’ve had contact from many of the sponsors wanting to get involved in next years. Well done”

Christine Stratford, Group Marketing Manager, Civica Group

Job Title: Social Media and Digital Engagement in Emergency Planning, In-house Training
Client: Stirling Council

This was a piece of work driven by a series of Social Media in Emergency Planning workshops and seminars that we had been running with our large network of Local Government Communicators and Emergency Planners. Stirling Council required 1 day of in-house training to bring all of the people within the organisation that would be involved in the communications process in the occurrence of an emergency to be at the same level with their understanding of social media and how to use it and to have a cohesive strategy within the council

How the contract was delivered successfully

  1. Identified best person to deliver training. In this case, Head of Engagement and Emergency Planning expert, Ben Proctor
  2. Working with Stirling on a day of tailored content to suit and include the wide range of job titles and levels of social media awareness
  3. Managing the logistics on the day
  4. Providing a suite of support products and resources to assist Stirling Council post event


“All our objectives were achieved from attending the workshop which I have to say, was excellent. Ben was absolutely fantastic. He was knowledgeable and engaging, and was able to tailor the workshop to allow maximum benefit for all attendees. I am hoping it will provide a springboard to take things forward within the organisation.”

David Bright, Risk & Resilience Manager, Stirling Council