David Moody, Head of Worldwide Product Strategy at KANA said: “With widespread use of the Internet and mobile technologies, digital customers have come to rely on these devices for their dealings with commercial organisations and now expect to be able to do the same in their dealings with the public sector.  While most public sector organisations have implemented some form of ‘channel shift’ strategy, most would say they have not met their intended economic outcomes.”


He added: “Although implementing a digital strategy may appear daunting, it needn’t be.  Our research shows that the main barrier is support from nervous management teams.  Public sector organisations need to communicate the benefits to their customers – access to services which suit them and control over their individual customer experience.  At the same time, integration with existing channels is vital to ensure that no customer is left behind.  It’s about offering more; more ways of getting the service you need, in more places, at more times of the day.”


Overcoming Barriers to Channel Shift Guide

This guide draws on the experiences of KANA customers worldwide to provide you with knowledge to recognize potential barriers and practical advice, hints and tips to overcome those barriers all wrapped up in a neat 15-point summary. Use this guide to shape your opinions and gain support for the evolution of your organization’s Digital First strategy to one that really delivers the benefits that you and your organization need. Find out what’s needed for a successful transition to new media.

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