Create, edit and publish responsive forms in minutes.
Gandlake has just launched InForm, a brand new online forms package and it’s already had a significant impact on Newcastle City Council with 99% of all completed forms being fully integrated into the back office.

  • How can InForm help your council?
  • It provides an excellent customer journey capturing all information required with improved data quality throughout.
  • It immediately delivers savings by empowering your council to create and publish fully responsive web forms in minutes.
  • It features simple drag and drop functionality making it the easiest to use forms package on the market.
  • Forms are truly responsive so they re-size and re-stack perfectly regardless of device.
  • Councils can amend and republish forms without reliance on Web Teams, ICT or 3rd party vendors.
  • Rich functionality makes the forms incredibly simple and intuitive to complete.

There’s also an option to go for a fully integrated set of pre-built forms covering:

  • Single Person Discount
  • Direct Debit
  • Moving

For further information, click here to learn more about InForm and how it can make a huge difference to your organisation.