Thursday 25th May 2017
The Studio, 67 Hope St. Glasgow, G2 6AE



Public Sector Customer Services Forum

Previous Attendee Feedback:

“Overall – absolutely brilliant.Lots to like eg venue, provider stalls, break out groups, table discussions, and completely engaging, relevant and useful presentations.” – Head of Income, Involvement & Improvement, Brighton & Hove City Council
“An absolutely excellent day. The right size, ensuring a positive mix of delegates and exhibitors, and really good presentations, all of which were very relevant and compelling – some having delivered significant achievements already and some just starting out. The best conference I have attended for a very long time!” – Head of Commissioning & Customer Contact, Swale BC
“Enjoyed it. Networking and sharing information and journeys – would be helpful to have a few more attending.” – Head of Customer Service, RB Windsor & Maidenhead




The Public Sector Customer Services Forum ( have been running a number of free Unconferences under the moniker of#channelshiftcamp up and down the country focusing on the topics of Channel Shift and Digital Transformation.

These events have been open to all roles but it has been identified that there would be some merit in running some Digital Transformation Strategy Forums for Heads of Service/Directors and those leading Channel Shift/Digital Transformation where there can be high level networking, discussions and opportunity to develop some potential solutions to Channel Shift problems.

The day will consist of the following:

  • Innovation sharing presentations from Senior Management who are delivering successful Channel Shift & Digital Transformation activities.
  • Solution Crowdsourcing: a series of roundtables to “crowdsource” potential solutions to shared issues/problems submitted by attendees prior to the event
  • Unconference Sessions from ideas presented prior to the event but also derived from the content from the morning sessions

Topics to be covered include:

AI in Local Government
Robotic Process Automation
The business case for Digital Transformation
Service Design
User Needs

The Digital Transformation Journey (from a senior management perspective)
Disruptive Technologies – the efficiencies & savings to be made
Local Government as a Platform


Knowledge Share Presentations


Using Robotic Process Automation to increase Productivity, Agility & Efficiency
Suzanne Sherriff, Senior Project Manager, Engie

The partnership between North Tyneside Council & Engie has included an IT project implementing robotic process automation, the first of its kind for a local authority in the UK.

It has significantly improved access to revenues and benefits services with a 50% reduction in data input times, speedier claim resolution, 45% reduction in time taken to process new claims and an overall improved customer experience.

Sharon will share the Whys, Whats & Hows

Image result for north ayrshire council

North Ayrshire Council – Our Digital Journey
Esther Gunn-Stewart, Interim Head of Customer & Digital:

Approach – Kai 6 Sigma
Customer Insight
3 Key Steps

More presentation content to be added

Public Sector Customer Services Forum