Wednesday 18th April 2018 Coin Street Conference Centre, LONDON

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LowCode in Local Government Manifesto

As a Local Authority, we would like to have a Digital Infrastructure that allows us to operate in a more adaptive way to support citizens, businesses, partners and our employees

We can be slow to respond as our legacy IT estate consists of 00’s of applications which are expensive to maintain and slow to update. They duplicate effort, are poorly integrated and perpetuate inefficient, paper-based processes.

We would like non-technical staff to be able to design and build new applications quickly, using a cost-effective platform

We want our Digital Infrastructure to improve the customer experience for Citizens and to maximize Digital Capacity along with accelerating support for mobile working and digital ways of engaging with citizens, employees and sub-contractors.

We want our employees with service delivery improvements to be able to model and test them instantly in a Digital environment, without having to wait for a response from an external IT provider so that we are in full control of application development and delivery.



Applying old practices to new thinking is making digital too difficult to deliver at the same time as doing the day job. Local Authorities need to be able to bring scale and speed to digital processes and accelerate digital transformation, breaking free from legacy infrastructure.

The day will look at how councils such as Adur & Worthing Councils are delivering savings and innovating at the same time, replacing expensive back office legacy systems and taking control of the Digital Transformation roadmap.

Below is a list of the back office applications that Adur & Worthing have replaced with LowCode and therefore no longer have to pay Licence and Support & Maintenance costs for the replaced systems.

1AW Mats Systems Dec 2017

To understand what else Adur & Worthing are up to, read Director of Digital, Paul Brewer,’s latest blog here: Blog Link

Join Netcall and The Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum for a few hours to learn how you can:

Accelerate and Respond: Fast track the delivery of digital projects and respond faster to changing citizen and stakeholder expectations.

Devolve and Share: Share digital development and collaborate not only across teams, but create opportunities to participate in a growing public sector ecosystem of shared services.

Preserve and Assure: Save IT resources for where only IT can do the job whilst maintaining complete IT governance and compliance – including GDPR.

Save and Engage: Reduce the cost and time of delivering digital projects and drive digital culture change, engaging stakeholders at all levels.

The day will consist of a series of insightful presentations, Q&A sessions and interactive roundtable discussions along with a live demo which will showcase how process/services can be developed on the fly

All refreshments and lunch will be provided.

The agenda with timings can be found at the following link: Innovation in Action Agenda

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