Wednesday 9th May 2018  The Studio Conference Centre, GLASGOW

Public Sector Customer Services Forum

As a Public Sector organisation, would you like?

1)  An adaptive Digital Infrastructure that supports citizens, businesses, partners and employees?
2) The ability to rationalise your legacy IT estate, remove inefficient paper based processes, reduce maintenance costs and any duplication of effort?
3) To enable skilled non-technical staff to meet business need as they design and build IT approved applications?
4) To improve the customer experience and maximize mobile working capacity for employees and sub-contractors?
5) And, to model and test digital improvements instantly without waiting for an external IT provider?

Yes? To more than 2 above, then read on. You dare to be different in your thinking.

Join The Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum for a few hours to learn more.

AGENDA – Attendee registration: 10am -10:30am Event Finish: 2:30pm

Innovation is the Day Job!  – Dr Andrew Larner, Chief Executive, iese
Presentation covers:
Doing Far more with less
Addressing the fiscal challenge: From surviving to thriving
Changing focus & supporting Innovation
Characteristics of Digital Tools
Q&A – Interactive Roundtable session

11:15am – 11:45am Letting your digital dog off its leash: Looking past transformation to innovation – Richard Farrell, CTO, Netcall

Presentation covers:
Strategies to accelerate Digital Transformation
Biggest Barriers to Digital Transformation at Scale
Identifying Key Digital Transformation Skills Gaps
Helping to Master Change
Design Thinking
Q&A – Interactive Roundtable session

12:15pm – 12:45pm A Coalition of the Willing:”What is Low-code and how does it support Collaboration” – Richard Billington, CTO, MatsSoft

Presentation covers:
What Low-code is and how it works?
How you can do 5-10 times More with Less using Low-code
Turning Silos into Collaboration
How Low-code makes Life easier for IT
The use of Low-code Accelerators inc. Citizen Hub to fast-track Digital Transformation
Q&A – Interactive Roundtable session

13:15pm – 13:45pm  Innovation in Action: Low-code Demo – Adam Mills, Managing Consultant, Netcall

Presentation Demo includes a short tour of:
Innovation to meet niche requirements or to replace legacy systems
Transforming the citizen interface
Ensuring continuous improvement

13:45pm – 14:15pm Making success your digital destination – Amy Clifton, Customer Success Manager, MatsSoft

Presentation covers:
A Tale of Two Councils shows how two Local Authorities are using Low-code platform strategies to accelerate their Digital Transformation strategies
Getting rid of legacy systems and the need for a “Point Solutions” approach
Innovating and transforming services in a different way

How to create the business case
Q&A – Interactive Roundtable session

(Lunch & refreshments provided)

Public Sector Customer Services Forum