The Public Sector Customer Services Forum is a community dedicated to exploring how business process, people and workforce or even technical solutions addressing service issues across the public sector can be shared and used more effectively by people subscribed to this community.

This online knowledge sharing facility essentially sustains dialogue, interaction and learning for subscribers and community members beyond regular scheduled Public Sector Contact Centre Forums events.

Recent developments :

  • Sir Andrew Foster, chairman of the Commission on 2020 Public Services argues that public services should be built from the bottom up, around the needs of the customer.
  • Research carried out by the Institute of Customer Services shows that customer service excellence can bring about a 24 per cent higher net profit margin in the private sector, which translates into similar levels of efficiency for public services.
  • There are a number of organisations in the public sector that understand customer services and the interesting thing is that where those organisations are genuinely bringing together their people and processes to focus on the customer experience, that is now starting to pay back rewards.
  • Focusing on customer service will help public sector organisations drive down complaints and enable public organisations to focus their resources in being efficient in the right areas – more important than ever against the backdrop of economic downturn.

Channel shift, the use of customer insight to make better use of resources, reduce avoidable contact and where appropriate provide the citizen the option to “self serve”. Communicating and creating a better understanding of others enables Customer Services and activity in the Contact Centre to gather evidence of both community and societies needs better to deliver on efficiency savings required. Resource gaps created by the current economic downturn are common challenges for organisations across the public sector so the Public Sector Customer Services Forum aims to offer a sharing platform for community members and subscribers.

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