This workshop is intended for change project managers, change teams and senior stakeholders charged with change project oversight.  This workshop assumed that delegates have a PRINCE II or MSP qualification or good experience of formal project and programme management techniques.

Channel shift as a change programme

The workshop will explore how channel shift programs can be managed effectively using tools such as PRINCE 2 and MSP.  It will also look at how channel shift projects are likely to differ significantly from projects you may previously have managed.

Applying basic programme management techniques to channel shift

We will look at hoe simplified forms of methodologies such as PRINCE 2 and MSP can be applied when organisations are small and lack experienced project or change specialists.  The workshop will explore how far simplification and informal management can be taken before it starts to create unacceptable risk for the programme.

Resources, realism and the need for a project team

One of the aspects of channel shift that is most commonly overlooked is the need to provide sufficient resources to manage the change.  The workshop will look at the need for clarity of ownership and realism in terms of what resources are needed to manage implementation of the changes required.  The emphasis will be on how to find a workable solution in your organisation rather than offering a set solution.

Matrix management and virtual teams

One of the most effective methods of managing a channel shift programme is to use matrix management and virtual teams.  We will go through the basics of these approaches and explain the risks as well as the benefits of each approach.

Benefits tracking

A common mistake in channel shift projects is to focus on implementing the change not achieving beneficial outcomes and we will explain the basics of benefits tracking and realisation.

Stakeholder and team management

The workshop will also cover the need to bring in a wide range of specialist skills and stakeholders into the project at appropriate points.  Managing these specialists and stakeholders can require new skills and strategies and we will look at methods for doing this successfully.

Exercises and takeaway content

The workshop will include at least one interactive learning exercise and will provide a set of templates and tools that delegates may take away to share with colleagues.  These materials are offered as part of the course, but strictly on the understanding that they are for internal use only and will not be shared with commercial organisations.