This workshop aims to provide an overview of how and why channel shift can deliver benefits to organisations and their service users.  It covers the basic approaches and tools available to help design a channel shift strategy and deliver ‘cashable’ benefits from channel shift.  It is intended for senior service managers, change team leaders, change project managers and those who need to understand the strategic risks and benefits associated with channel shift.  It does not assume any significant prior knowledge and covers the following topics:

Understanding the cost and causes of customer contact

Understanding contact costs by service and process is necessary both to create a contact ‘baseline’ that can be used to inform business cases and for tracking progress in channel shift and cost reduction. The workshop will explain the principles of channel metrics and monitoring and explore the approaches that can be used depending on the systems available within your organisation.  It will offer practical tools for estimating current contact costs for processes and potential savings.

Customer Insight

Understanding who the customer is and what motivates how they choose to contact you is critical in achieving successful channel shift.  Using customer insight makes it significantly easier to design self-service options people want to use and avoid ones that are inherently unlikely to work.  It also make a ‘win-win’ more likely where you get savings and the customer feels the service is better for them.

Targeting channel shift

Targeting in terms of customers, services, processes and channels is an essential part of ensuring that benefits are delivered.  The workshop will offer simple means identifying and targeting areas where clear and easy ‘wins’ are likely as well as those areas where channel shift should not currently be attempted regardless of general policy.

Brief overview of the channel shift as a change programme

Channel shift is typically a complex change programme composed of multiple separate projects and stakeholder groups which need to work together to deliver the desired outcomes and benefits.  The workshop will provide a basic checklist of the key stages that this programme needs to negotiate to ensure success.  In particular it will address the issue of managing risk by applying basic project and programme methodology to a channel shift programme and management of stakeholders.


Exercises and takeaway content

The workshop will include at least one interactive learning exercise and will provide a set of templates and tools that delegates may take away to share with colleagues.  These materials are offered as part of the course, but strictly on the understanding that they are for internal use only and will not be shared with commercial organisations.