What is the Challenge?

The Challenge accelerates remote collaboration skills in a multi-dimensional environment utilising gamification techniques

How does it do this?

In a time-constrained scenario you learn how to collaborate under pressure

How will it help my team?

Develop reduced anxiety and stress even in environments not experienced before

Real-Time learning with results to measure performance

This energising experience ensures you are motivated to apply your learning back at work.

This Challenge offers a powerful, fun, team building opportunity

How it works

It is for existing teams/groups of between 6 and 9 people and utilises a piece of crisis scenario software which participants will access via smartphone.

The whole experience lasts approximately 3.5 hours facilitated by a fully qualified Agile Leadership & Enterprise Coach via ZOOM.

Participants will need a PC (with access to GoogleDocs), a fully charged smartphone with good Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity