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A truly digital council and borough – how we are building the Croydon Digital Service
Dave Briggs, Head of Digital, LB Croydon
Presentation Slides

Transforming the Employee Experience
Graham Curran, Strategic Advisor, ServiceNow

Making RPA and AI Sustainable and Affordable for Local Government

Andy Heys, Client Director, D4S (former Local Government ICT and Transformation Director)

Delivering the Smart City of the Year
Jenny Nelson, Digital Newcastle Programme Lead, Newcastle City Council
Presentation Slides
Newcastle City Council Smart Street Video

Vodafone & the Public Sector – making sense of the internet of things and the fourth industrial revolution
Guy Matthews, Head of UK Public Sector, Vodafone 


A truly digital council and borough – how we are building the Croydon Digital Service – Interactive Workshop

How you can Implement a Continuous Service Improvement on an Enterprise Scale within 12 Months
Martyn Thompson, Senior Change & Delivery Officer, City of Edinburgh Council


Transforming the Employee Experience (facilitated by ServiceNow) 10:45 – 11:15

This workshop will look at the challenges for organisations in creating seamless, efficient digital processes for their employees and examine potential strategies, solutions and methodologies to achieve real benefits. Rather than discussing theoretical digital transformation, we will examine how an organisation can practically implement digital transformation one process at a time without significant upfront investment.
The workshop will be an opportunity for attendees to discuss, in a facilitated session:

  1. What are top potential areas for improvement in employee experience?
    2. What are the main barriers?
    3. What potential solutions could we explore?

Making RPA and AI Work for Local Government (facilitated by D4S/BluePrism) 10:45 – 11:15

In this interactive workshop, Andy Heys and Iain McLean from D4S will share their experience of the benefits and challenges of implementing Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence within Local Government. Attendees will learn the benefits of the technologies, how to overcome challenges to implementation and see a vision of how Robotics and AI can work sustainably as part of a digital staffing strategy for local government. Andy and Iain will use their experience as Directors in Local Government and examples from D4S Local Government clients to help attendees see a clear, affordable and sustainable implementation plan for themselves.

Empowering Citizens through Geo-Reporting (facilitated by IEG4) 10:45 – 11:15

Digitising your Workforce with IoT (facilitated by Vodafone) 12:50 – 13:20

With expanding populations and ever increasing constituent expectations from the Local Authority, it is now more important than ever to identify and easily deploy technologies that can optimise workflows to drive efficiencies across your organisation. This workshop will present key findings from Local Authorities across the UK, and showcase principle areas of technology which present both tactical and strategic opportunities for cost savings, while delivering a better working environment for Local Authority employees.

Creating a culture for change; improving your business through employee engagement
(facilitated by SVL Business Solutions)
workshop slides

Geo-location Reporting in Local Government
(facilitated by IEG4)
workshop slides
How to pin point the exact location of fly-tipping at Kings Lynn & West Norfolk BC


Collaborative Working & Shared Processes (facilitated by Netcall) 12:50 – 13:20

How can front and back office better collaborate to improve the customer journey?
Working in an agile customer-first way you can improve journeys, productivity and team morale. Keep everyone informed, at every step of the way.

Upskill your teams and drive results fast. Make it easy for all to securely participate. And then make any updates fast and at no cost. Keep everyone solution working at 100% fit for purpose

Improving Customer Experience through Personalised Outreach. (facilitated by Oracle) 14:55 – 15:25

If considerable effort is involved in reporting/interacting with your Authority then this could have a direct impact on the experience had by the customer. If the experience is a poor one due to the difficulty experienced then a knock on effect could result in increasing the cost to serve and a less than positive employee experience.

Continuous Service Improvement Case Study – City of Edinburgh Council (facilitated by We are Lean & Agile) 14:55 – 15:25

How you can create an enterprise wide continuous service improvement capability
The benefits of adopting that approach
The advantages of having the right tools to support change
How intelligent automation can deliver solutions in an agile iterative environment
How you can create buy in to change initiatives