5th Floor, Saffron House, 6- 10 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TS

15:00-18:30 (inc drinks & networking)

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Can councils truly transform the way they work, utilising leading edge technologies to become the “council of the future” – Council 4.0?

The so-called ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ challenges councils to make intelligent use of data to deliver citizen-centred, responsive, and local public services – cost-effectively. Whilst this often involves some of the latest emerging technologies, delivered from the cloud, this is not enough. Council 4.0 brings together thought leaders in local government to showcase and discuss how a personalised, ethical approach can combine with strategic thinking and cloud architecture to deliver some of the most exciting initiatives, and opportunities, happening in in the sector in 2020.

Mark Thompson, Strategy Director at Methods & Professor in Digital Economy at Exeter University

, mingle, learn and be inspired.

Join us for a jam-packed meet-up where you will have access to a series of interactive workshops, looking at the key building blocks of Council 4.0, with the very best minds in the business.

AGENDA at a glance

3:00pm – 3:30pm: Welcome & Drinks
3:40pm – 4:20pm:  A Vision for the Future Mark Thompson, Strategy Director at Methods
4:25pm – 6:05pm: Workshop Sessions

Attendees will get to attend 3 of the following:

1. Innovating in Emerging Technology – So What?
Exciting data science use-cases in local government and beyond!

2. It’s all about prioritising
A practical approach for prioritising service design featuring real-time prioritisation

3. Legacy Platform. Outdated website. 300 processes. Lincolnshire CC: Digital Services Implementation

4. Share nicely
Pooling resources, knowledge and services is a sure fire way of saving money and increasing efficiency, but what does it take to make Shared IT Services work? What are the benefits, the common pitfalls and the pain points?
Hear first hand experiences from those that have delivered a Shared IT Service in practice and what they have learnt.

5. Contract Exit and Disaggregation. Exploring readiness to break-free from single vendor IT environments

6. Supermassive Black Hole – Tech needs to get real about its impact on people and planet

Running a Proof of Concept in Robotic Process Automation is a great way to keep investment costs down whilst investigating what the benefits are. However, too many PoCs result in organisations deciding RPA is not right for them.
To ensure the PoC is just the start and not the end of your journey into RPA, join this session to look at how you can maximise the benefits and some key considerations to ensure the PoC is the Stepping Stone into RPA and not the Gravestone.

8. Wardley Mapping – You can’t use an old map to explore a new world

9. AI BI on a shoestring
Traditionally entry into BI/AI is initially a costly endeavour before seeing returns on investments. How can you build a robust, trustable data environment that doesn’t break the bank? 

6:05pm – onwards: Networking, more drinks & food

REGISTER TO ATTEND HERE: Council 4.0 meet-up