If you have not already experienced the transcendental power of the #dreamyurt, you’re missing out !!!

Created as an homage to Stewart Pearson, Spin Doctor in Series 3 & 4 of “In the Thick of It” – the #dreamyurt is an “almost” safe place (we accept no liability for anything unsafe that takes place in the yurt) where LocalGov Digital & Transformation types can hang out and chat about topics such as Skills & Support for Digital Do-ers, Managing Large Digital Programmes and User-Centred Design (topics thus far) along with sharing and debating their favourite crisps, meat etc.

It is light-hearted, sometimes fun and has a regular attendee from Finalnd who is an avid culture mapper and is fast becoming the yurt’s spirit animal.

Some have described as a cross between work when work is good and Tiswas for adults.

The last 2 mindmeld sessions have produced the Yurt’s version of cave drawings from Artist not in Residence, Rich Clarke of Croydon Council.

These can be viewed below.

If you’d like to be kept informed of future truffling sessions in the forest of knowledge, drop me a link at nick@pscsf.org.uk

Rich Clarke’s vision from Managing Digital Programmes #dreamyurt

Rich Clarke’s vision from the User-centred Design #dreamyurt