Field service is an expensive endeavour, so additional obstacles like social distancing and the need for additional safety precautions such as cleaning and disinfecting ahead of arrival can play havoc with scheduling, send costs spiralling and productivity plummeting.

So how do you prevent these obstacles from getting in the way and impacting your service delivery?

This e-book explores how organisations are responding to today’s challenges and improving their productivity & effectiveness whilst keeping their customers happy

It includes:

STEP 1: Power Up Your Remote Support
Intelligent Devices
Remote Activation
Video and Remote Viewing
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

STEP 2: Empower Your Customers
Assisted Support
Knowledge Base
Guided Response
Augmented and Merged Reality
Personalised point of service

STEP 3: Keep Everyone Informed
Live Location
Remote Access
Intelligent Routing
Automated Messaging

plus some interesting case studies

Download here: 3 Steps to Great Field Services in a Socially Distanced World e-book