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This session will look at how the adoption of agile technology has supported a variety of Local Authorities in their Digital Transformation journeys; from corporate implications to specific & targeted deployments, the benefits & rewards of agile technology in Local Government have, and are being realised.

These interactive sessions will share these journeys and give attendees the opportunity to quiz and chat with the presenters on all aspects of their work and their visions moving forwards.

10:00am – 10:10am Welcome & housekeeping

10:10am – 11:00am Why can’t my service have the digital solution we want now?! It can.
Gareth Edwards, Founder, Rapid Information Systems

Digital transformation delivers much to improve your services, save money, and get structured and joined-up data for better efficiency, accuracy, audit, and insights. But why is it still so challenging to implement truly transformational solutions, especially for more specialised services? It needn’t be. Low-code provides the tools for services to quickly and cost-effectively have exactly the digital solutions they require to be truly excellent. We’re keen to learn more about the challenges you’ve had innovating your services and show you how Stevenage have worked with end users to deliver effective solutions for tenancy and estate management, and how Lambeth have for fire safety.

– Deliver innovation quickly in small iterations
– Involve the end-users. A lot.
– Use fast, flexible, easy to learn, and open tools
– Have fun

11:00am – 12:00pm How the implementation of Agile Tech has changed the Local Authority.

We are joined by Digital Doers from Tewkesbury Borough Council, Croydon Council & Cumbria CC and discuss how the implementation of a low-code strategy has changed the way that the organisation is starting to work, its culture and the transformation that has taken place during the 16 months of the Pandemic.

We will be joined by:

Clare Evans, Corporate Services Manager, Tewkesbury Borough Counncil
Dave Briggs, Head of Digital Operations, Croydon Council
Craig Barker, Senior Digital Service Design Officer, Cumbria CC

12:00pm – 1:00pm Unconference Session – All Things Tech

We will use Zoom Meetings and its breakout rooms facility to run a short unconference with 2 x 30 minute sessions but we will run a number of rooms side by side.

All are welcome to attend and pitch a session.