The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead has delivered a new digital customer service
platform that aims to help customers self-serve by automating key back office processes
and establishing real-time ‘collaborative’ case management.
Initially, the new platform has been implemented to automate the council’s green waste
subscription service. The council currently manages over 14,000 subscribers which totals
over £490,000 in revenues. The process has been heavily manual and by automating the
service the council expects to save approximately £40,000 in administrative costs each year
in just the green waste service, which is the first service to go live.
The Royal Borough plan to use Jadu CXM (Customer Experience Management) to replace
its legacy CRM systems and eForms platforms, which will save the council a further £43,000
as it rolls out the service corporately, making initial savings of over £80,000.

Tom Nickalls, product manager for Jadu CXM said: “The council have rolled out CXM in the
first service and it has had an immediate impact with over 50 transactions in the first few
days. The entire green waste subscription service is now automated. The full potential of
CXM will be quickly realised as the council council rolls out across other keys service such
as missed bins, complaints, parking and planning in the coming months.”


Councillor Geoff Hill, cabinet member for customer & business services, including IT said:
“We want to deliver services that are digital by choice, not by default. Our services have to
be so good that our residents prefer to use the digital channel. We are being careful not to
exclude anyone in our community and working with a partner like Jadu has enabled us to
do that.”
Simon Fletcher, director of operations and customer services, said: “We purchased the
Jadu CXM platform using the G-Cloud after an exhaustive search for the right CRM system
for the council. After trying a few systems and speaking with our residents, we realised that
it wasn’t CRM we needed, it was something simpler and more real-time.”
“The Jadu CXM offering is simple for the council to deliver itself – and puts us in control of
service transformation in an agile way. Our aspiration is to deliver an Amazon-like
experience for our residents, with real-time updates and transparency on the status of their

The new system, developed by software firm Jadu is based on the Jadu CXM customer
experience platform – a cloud based ‘lite CRM’ and case management system that helps
customers by providing a simple to use, real time chat and tracking service for payments,
cases and requests. The Jadu platform includes a MyAccount function allowing customers
to access, pay-for and track services on any device.