Welcome to the GovMetric Channel Satisfaction Index for December 2017.

GovMetric is a customer experience measurement service that enables you to listen to the Voice of the Customer across all contact channels, to prioritise which areas to improve and to measure improvements through near real-time reporting.

Every month we publish the top ten ranked Councils across the 3 main customer access channels.

GovMetric subscribers can log into the reporting site to review the extended Channel Satisfaction Index results and, using our methodology as shown below, calculate your own score(s) to determine which quartile you are in.  Please contact the GovMetric Helpdesk if you need to request access.

GovMetric also offers the opportunity to ask customers more about their experience and about important issues affecting customer relationships. This information is used extensively to assist councils in evaluating and monitoring critical issues such as access, service improvement, transformation and channel shift.

Face to Face Channel 


Telephone Channel


Web Channel



Channel satisfaction is a net customer satisfaction score based on GovMetric councils which have achieved the required number of channel feedback across each individual channel.

Net satisfaction is calculated as an average score where each customer rating is attributed the following score:

Good = +1
Average = 0
Poor=   -1

All scores are combined and the result divided by the total number of responses to provide a net satisfaction score, meaning that net satisfaction will always be within the range of +1 to -1. Councils are ranked in order.


Population sourced ONS Census 2011

Net satisfaction is calculated to 5 decimal places and rankings ordered accordingly, however data is only reported to 2 decimal places, which may result in some councils reporting the same results.

Data is sourced from www.govmetric.com.