If you have a Covid19 solution or service that you think Local Authorities would benefit from, please send in details to: nick@pscsf.org.uk and we will post it!



East Riding of Yorkshire, Nottingham City Council & many others (& Granicus): Delivering a Digital Response: How the Public Sector is Leading Through the Crisis Webinar
Adur & Worthing Councils & Netcall: Community Response Platform
Croydon Council & Netcall: Covid19 Support Apps

Camden Council, Buckinghamshire CC & FutureGov: Coronavirus Response Service Directory
Hackney Council: Covid19 Online Map of Local Voluntary and Support Services
Birmingham City Council & Jadu: Donate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Broxbourne Borough Council & Jadu: COVID-19 Community Assistance Form
St Albans DC & Arcus Global: Small Business Grant Funding
Bristol City, Monmouthshire & Made Open: Covid19 Community Support Platform
KnowledgeHub & Placecube: Public Sector and Voluntary organisations sharing knowledge and collaborating on responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
IEG4: Covid19 Support E-Forms (FREE for 3 months)
Texthelp Systems: Free Browsealoud Use for 90 days
Zipporah: Appointment and Booking Solution (Free of Charge for April/May 2020)
Worcestershire CC & Outsystems: Coronavirus (COVID-19) ‘Here2Help
Hello Lamp Post: Community engagement chat platform (available over mobile or websites)
NICE: WEM@home requires no upfront commitment (can be rapidly deployed within 72 hours)
Knowsley Council & Mendix: Supporting the most vulnerable – Knowsley Council Builds Volunteer-Hub Application in response to the COVID-19 Crisis



www.designcouncil.org.uk/sites/default/files/ad...        LocalGov Transformation, Collaboration & Digitisation SCOTLAND ...

Solution: Community Response Platform

Purpose: for citizens to request community support or identify someone that needs support (See here)
for citizens to register to volunteer and provide support to those identified above (see here

More information: view Paul Brewer, Director of Digital & Resources blog post here

Contact: Paul Brewer (see blog for contact details) Richard Billington, Email richard.billington@netcall.com or on Twitter @RABillington


Croydon Council | LinkedIn    LocalGov Transformation, Collaboration & Digitisation SCOTLAND ...

Solution: 3 Covid19 Support Apps

Purpose: The first enables us to understand the status of key services across the council, and contribute to a London-wide picture. The second, which went live on Monday, enables local businesses to apply for grants of up to £25,000.

More information: view Croydon Digital team blog here

Contact: Kevin Rowe, Croydon Digital (via blog) Richard Billington, Email richard.billington@netcall.com or on Twitter @RABillington


Camden Council is Recruiting a Volunteer Coordinator - Volunteer ... Buckinghamshire County Council (@BucksCC) | Twitter Future-Gov-Logo - Techsmart

Solution: Coronavirus Response Service Directory

Purpose: A simple, production-ready directory of services that can help residents cope if they’re staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More Information: Camden Council’s explanation of service here

Contact: the directory is accessible on GitHub here

Hackney Council seeks an events officer
Solution: Covid19 Online Map of Local Voluntary and Support Services

Purpose: Hackney Council has created an online map of local voluntary and support services to help people cope with the coronavirus outbreak

More information: view UKAuthority piece here

Contact: access the opensource template on GitHub here


Logo: Library

Solution: Donate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Purpose: If your organisation is asking for donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by front-line staff, care providers, social workers and volunteers who are delivering essential services across your area, Birminghams’ Digital team created this form to drive donations from local businesses.

More information & Contact: view the Jadu App library & make contact here

Logo: Library ✅ Broxbourne Borough Council Personal Licence Application | Get ...

Solution: COVID-19 Community Assistance Form

Purpose: This form can be used by citizens to ask for support for themselves, on behalf of someone else OR to volunteer for help.

More Information & Contact: view the Jadu Library entry & make contact here


Arcus Global Secures £2.5 Million Additional Series A Funding ... St Albans City & District Council: Jobs & Vacancies - Benefits ...

Solution: Small Business Grant Funding

Purpose: Arcus Global have, at speed, developed a fully automated online form for St Albans District Council, allowing small businesses to apply for grant funding during COVID19 outbreak.
This is in direct response to the Government’s announcement that there will be financial support for small businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector.

More Information & contact:The form captures a range of core contact and business information; validating that the business rates reference is registered with the council (a pre-list is loaded into the system for an easy look up).
On the second screen of the form it captures the scheme applying for, and bank details; makes a case and sends email for indexing into their workflow system under the relevant business rates account. So validating and integrating to back office system.

In the first week of operation it has been used by 780 businesses for financial relief.
An example of the form is here: St Albans District Council COVID 19 Business Grant Form
This form is highly replicable for other authorities.

If you are interested please contact Arcus Global at info@arcusglobal.com


platform logo Bristol City Council - Wikipedia Armco Asbestos Training

Solution: Covid19 Community Support Platform

More Information: Made Open provide a digital platform to help communities exchange information, skills, time, ideas and resources. We license our software to organisations and partnerships who want to activate their community of place or practice. See more information about services and platform features in the attached doc and on our website www.madeopen.co.uk

Bristol City Council are coordinating a citywide volunteering response to Covid-19. Their ‘Can Do Bristol’ platform has helped them to recruit 4,000 volunteers. Over 7000 members have now signed up to the community platform where they can also share ideas and coordinate their own neighbourly support. Visit www.candobristol.co.uk

Our Monmouthshire’ is an online platform to help communities stay connected, find information and exchange offers and requests of help. Available to anyone living and working in Monmouthshire the aim is to help residents and community organisations support each other safely. It is also for people who live outside the county but want to find support for friends or relatives living here. Visit https://ourmonmouthshire.org

See press article here

We’ve been working with Age UK Cornwall and Isles of Scilly and the Inclusion Matters partnership to create a platform for communities in Cornwall to connect and support each other during the Coronavirus.In less than two weeks since going live, over 250 people have signed up and 120 community support listings have been added to the directory.

Our clients at Hexitime have temporarily repurposed their timebanking & skill exchange platform to relieve pressure on NHS key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their aim is to help coordinate staff (not members of the public) with spare capacity to keep their NHS colleagues fresh and supported. They currently support over 600 NHS workers within this community.

Contact: kathryn@madeopen.co.uk


Knowledge Hub - GeoPlace LLP Home | Placecube Limited

Solution: Public Sector and Voluntary organisations sharing knowledge and collaborating on responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

More Information: Placecube offers the Knowledge Hub open collaboration and knowledge sharing platform free of charge for users working for the public sector or voluntary organisations. Over 150,000 registered users, across 5000+ organisations are already participating on the platform, including Public Health England, the LGA, a number of Cabinet Office sponsored cross-government functions, many regional associations and professional communities including social care, police, procurement, mental health and elected members.

Knowledge Hub is secure and suitable for sharing Official level data, it provides a range of useful collaboration and communication tools, with flexible permissions, multiple languages and microsites.

A range of COVID-19 related groups have already been established to support and coordinate information sharing and planning. Sign up at https://khub.net with your organisational email address to join a huge range of open and restricted groups, or create a group of your own.

Contact: Jason Fahy, CEO, 07989 996205  support@khub.net 


Solution: Covid19 Support E-Forms (FREE for 3 months)

Purpose: ‍In response to the changing and challenging situation of Covid-19 and, as part of a direct response to a request from a customer to help alleviate demand on its front-line staff, IEG4 has developed a number of Covid-19 related forms and solutions, listed below, which are available now, to all councils, free of charge (initially for up to three months, to be reviewed as the crisis progresses).  They are easy to implement and mobile responsive

  • Request Assistance form
  • Emergency Hardship form
  • Business Rates Relief Grant Fund form
  • Self-employed form
  • Social Welfare Fund
  • IVR Benefits
  • Blue Badge with Concessionary Travel

To find out more on any of the above, please do get in touch with us direct or click here for further information.

Councils are reporting increased uptake which is not only highlighting the huge benefits of channel shift but also significantly reducing and relieving councils’ workloads.

More Information & Contact: IEG4: Supporting Councils through the Coronavirus



Solution: Free Browsealoud Use for 90 days

Purpose: In this time of increasing uncertainty and change, web accessibility is more important than ever. As we’ve said before, digital inclusion is something that should be on everybody’s mind, and as social distancing measures come into effect, the ability for everyone to be able to access goods and services online is becoming more crucial everyday. That’s why we’re offering you our web accessibility tool, Browsealoud, free for 90 days – to help you support your online customers.

More Information & Contact: CoronaVirus & Web Accessibility Offer here


Solution: Appointment and Booking Solution (Free of Charge for April/May 2020)

The product, (named ‘Generic’), is Zipporah’s leading Booking and Appointment solution, allowing councils to get citizens booking their phone-based appointments and call-backs with the aim of ensuring home working can be effectively handled – without the need for anyone to leave the house.  The system will ensure that customers will receive an email confirmation of their booking and should significantly reduce demand to customer service staff via their telephone lines.

As with all Zipporah solutions, Generic is fully responsive and browser based.  It can be accessed through any online device, from PCs to tablets and phones etc., ensuring access is as easy as possible.  The solution will allow each authority to create calendars, add any questions specific to their processes and then set up their appointment times and types.

Scott Burton, Technical Director said:

“It’s hard to know what to do in a situation like this, but we were compelled to help however we could.  Generic will help a organisations reduce pressures to their customer service teams and hopefully this will help them to keep everything running until this is over.”

More information & contact: Any enquiries should be made to info@zipporah.co.uk



Solution: Capita One Revenues & Benefits Automation

Purpose: Capita One can help to reduce service degradation from potential staff absence, and more importantly help to underpin resources that may be needed to support the wider community.
As a user of the Capita One Revenues & Benefits software they have the option to leverage our ‘in-built’ automation technologies that will help maintain your benefit claim processing volumes even when their teams may be running at less than 50% capacity.

The automation tool can automate:-

100% of new Housing Benefit claims
100% of new CTRS claims from claimants not receiving Universal Credit (UC)
100% of Change in Circumstances for UC claimants, where the change is one that should be notified to the Council
60% of Change in Circumstances for UC claimants, where the change is one that is notified to the Job Centre (e.g. income change).

Automation will enable their retained teams to concentrate on other urgent and complex areas of administration, whether that be more specialist claims or new legislation coming from government dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

More information: watch short video here

Contact: Tom Osborne, Account Director, Tom.Osborne@capita.com


Bramble Hub and GOSS Interactive | Bramble Hub

Solution: for citizens to request community support or identify someone that needs support
for citizens to register to volunteer and provide support to those identified above

More Information: Vital Coronavirus Services added to GOSS community library here


Jobs with Worcestershire County Council OutSystems Review | PCMag

Solution: Coronavirus (COVID-19) ‘Here2Help’

Purpose: A collection of solutions and services including:

A Website of information and self-help resources for COVID-19
On-line form for requests for help from the public
On-line form for offers of help from the public and organisations
Ability to share data with District Councils and the Voluntary Community sector to cover gaps in support and enable resilience
A dedicated telephone number for residents who are unable to access the online form. This is the adult social care access centre number which has been expanded to support Here2Help.
Ability for staff to match requests to offers facility for staff with one click
GIS mapping showing a Countywide view of all requests and offers
Reporting functionality

Slidedeck on “Here2Help” here

Contact:  Jo Hilditch, Digital Delivery Team Manager, Worcestershire CC


Solution: Community engagement chat platform (available over mobile or websites)

Purpose: Helps people easily find relevant information regarding Covid-19 and council services. Helps people cope with isolation and loneliness: providing people with a playful, friendly ‘chat’
Reduces strain on council staff

More information: Hello Lamp Post have adapted their conversational engagement platform to allow people to ‘chat’ with their local authority via their mobile or on council websites.

The chat platform can automatically disseminate information on Covid-19, council/community specific information or simply provide a friendly conversational interaction

An interactive chat window can be made available on council websites, or people can interact via mobile (SMS, whatsapp, facebook messenger) by following a QR code on social media posts, letter drops, email newsletters etc.

Contact: contact@HLP.city

Nexidia | LinkedIn

Solution: NICE WEM@home (requires no upfront commitment and can be rapidly deployed within 72 hours)

Purpose: With many organisations recently transitioning their workforce to a work-from-home environment, we are hearing that they’re facing three core business challenges:

How do I know what my at home employees are doing?
do I ensure my at home employees are providing the right level of service?
do I keep my at home employees engaged and motivated?

To address these needs in times of change, NICE has introduced a unique offering, WEM@home that empowers organisations to:

Gain Visibility of at home employee activities with Desktop Analytics
Ensure Employee Performance
with Enlighten, our new advanced AI and Analytics solution
Drive Employee Engagement
with Voice of the Employee surveys

More Information & Contact: Click here to learn more and speak to a WEM@home expert


  Specialist outsourced contact centre - Connect Assist

Solutions: Rapid AI with community generated content

Web Chat for internal and external customers.

Rapid AI with community generated content: The use of AI to answer fast moving questions is proven in the sector with Calderdale Council achieving an 88% answer rate on incoming questions that relate to the crisis.  The remaining 12% were automatically passed to an advisor. This offer combines three ingredients: a subscription to the cloud AI software without charge for three months, a pre-built skill base for Covid-related questions and community generated answers for typical questions that local authorities have to deal with.  This combination leads to a very effective way of deploying the AI within a few weeks, and then keeping the it up-to-date as the situation changes.  You can immediately relieve the pressure on your front line staff.

Web chat for internal and external customers. Many more staff are working from home so how can they respond in real time while keeping in control of a volatile workload?  Web chat is a great way of distributing work across a team.  Chats can be answered from anywhere as long as a machine with a browser is available and can maintain a continuous, managed service while staff have varied availability.  All our surveys show that web chat is popular with internal and external customers, so this offer is to provide the cloud software for 3 months without charge and a very rapid implementation.  You can relieve the pressure of a volatile workload by maximising the use of your resources and then allowing the system to manage the customer’s expectation in terms of queue time.

Contact: Tim Burnett, Local Government Director, 07778 812556 tim.burnett@connectassist.co.uk

Knowsley Council (@KnowsleyCouncil) | Twitter

Solution: Knowsley Council Builds Volunteer-Hub Application in response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Purpose: Application built in just 24 hours enables Knowsley residents to request assistance or volunteer their services to support their local community.

More information: Click here for further information
If you have a Covid19 solution or service that you think other Local Authorities would benefit from, please send in details to: nick@pscsf.org.uk