For those in the front line dealing with customer contact, it’s a reasonable bet that the next few months will throw up some significant challenges as each local authority works out how to apply rapidly changing guidance from central government to its venues, services and processes.

The government will release lock down in stages, and at the time of writing we know very little of the specifics. What we do know, is that each stage will affect services provided by local authorities and affect the majority of the population. Bringing with it, peaks and troughs in call volume.

So, how do we maintain service levels in these circumstances? One answer is an automated conversational interface. You might think that such a system would have to be maintained with questions specific to each locality. That’s where we come in. With the ability to plan a route forward will answer the majority of questions with minimal maintenance. Calderdale Council found that they could answer over 80% of incoming queries about changing services due to Covid-19 using this technique.

As a category 1 front line business, we’re committed to help support the wider community in any way we can. We’ve come up with a package that best supports service user’s whist keeping your front-line staff in control as we step forward into the ‘new normal’.

Oracle provides a world class Customer Experience Digital Platform to over 4000+ customers from all sectors including some of the world’s largest organisations such as British Airways, County of New York, RBS, Virgin, NHS, Tesco’s, HM Land Registry, Capita, DfE, LinkedIn, BT, Nike, Santander and many more. More relevantly Service Cloud is also used across a number of UK Local Authorities such as Solihull MBC, Calderdale Council, City of York Council, Argyll & Bute and many more.

The Oracle Local Government Cloud platform, provides a robust customer management system which will support customer contact effectively now and in the future.

Oracle Local Government Cloud platform is designed to fully deliver and promote services via any or multiple channels. Supported by our approach to customer journey mapping digital channels can be made intuitive, simple and flexible thus support the Digital First principle. This provides a platform and approach to support this rather than technology being a barrier.

Where citizens are unable to use Digital channels the platform provides other means to support them. This ranges from assisted digital support with our conversational AI enabled capability which includes web chat and co-browse through to a fully multi-channel desktop environment for customer service advisors. Our belief is that the agent environment must be rich enough to enable customer service advisors to offer consistent advice regardless of the channel of contact.

From our research and talking with Authorities the following are areas that we believe would be of interest and relevant:

How Outreach will deflect contact and deliver a better experience

The importance of Agility in a period of uncertainty which may become the norm

Employee Cultural challenges – transformation is challenged by the resistance to change, how could this change.

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