Optimise services with Agile Applications’ innovative software, data science and solution development services.

Agile delivers solutions for multi-channel digital services, from “end-to-end” transactional software to  smart apps for citizens, “chatbots” for improved customer experience and productivity apps to empower employees.

Our solutions, delivered via Microsoft Azure, combine lower cost of ownership, “scale to fit”  and “work from anywhere” features to accelerate service delivery and generate savings that can be channelled to those citizens who need most help.


Build capacity with AI 

We use proven Microsoft AI technologies and data visualisation tools to help you analyse time-sapping administrative tasks and queries  that could be better handled through automation.  There’ll always be a need for the human touch – but “self-learning” chatbots can take a load off your staff and give citizens an intelligent, interactive response 24 x 7 x 365.

You can see the “Planbot” we developed for the London Borough of Redbridge’s planning department in action here or come along to our workshop and find out how AI in planning could save you up to £250k annually.

Or click here to see our Emergency Chatbot.


Agile by design 

Agile solutions are just that – software for specific operations developed using rapid techniques for fast delivery of new digital services that handle today’s needs and adapt as needs change.     Process changes are delivered through simple configuration – no time-consuming development, no barriers to new proofs of concept.

We incorporate new products and services with proven value to our customers as they emerge – Microsoft AI for data clarity, Microsoft Power BI for data insight, SharePoint Online for lower storage costs, Microsoft Teams for collaboration…and more to come, all delivered via the Microsoft cloud.

Build the new with Agile Applications – tell us your views on AI and Chatbots in Local Government 

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