Jadu is a global provider of Web Experience Management software, specialising in Web CMS, Forms, Portal and Customer Case Management tools for the enterprise. Jadu is well established in the public sector for offering digital solutions to local government and higher education as well as a score of commercial organisations around the world, servicing 100+ UK Local Authorities including Birmingham City Council, Swindon Council, London Borough of Hounslow and Edinburgh City Council. Jadu’s Creative team leads the world in delivering accessible public digital design services. For more information visit: www.jadu.net

Our vision of ‘new normal’ looks like more social distancing, local focus, ensuring and shoring-up supply chains, and getting used to new ways of social interaction through technology. We will need to share best practice rapidly and at an unprecedented level. Services will need to be re-enabled to be digital-first and in many cases, digital-only. This means we will need to develop a ‘reverse business case’ to plan for deactivating or not reactivating traditional methods of delivering service. A RESET. Read more on how Channel Shift and local digital service is now in ‘RESET’: https://www.jadu.net/channel-shift

When we deliver digital services now, the common service patterns, eForms, workflows, widgets and apps are shared on the Jadu Library – this is where our community of users can upload and share service patterns and best practice freely. To support the ongoing and escalating Coronavirus crisis, Jadu has launched a Community Toolbox: http://jadu.net/library/toolbox

LOCAL GOV  Case Studies

Swindon Borough Council: Moving from 8% to 60% of all citizen transactions online (within two years!) Case Study here

Lichfield District Council customers can now self-serve online with over 50 services, with at least 55% of households already engaging with those services. Case Study here

Cherwell and South Northamptonshire transform Waste Services (and 50 other processes) Case Study here



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‘Listen to the COVID-19 Community Podcasts: https://soundcloud.com/jadu-5/sets/jadu-covid-19-community