is a UK SME software company developing transformational technologies with social purpose. Its suite of digital and RPA solutions has been specifically designed for the public sector, for the public good- enabling better design and delivery of services as well as better patient care within the NHS.

For nearly 40 years, NDL has worked closely with a growing community of NHS Trusts and public sector customers, sharing best practice, innovation, and templates so that similar challenges being faced across the country can be overcome more easily.

Aiding digital transformation and compatible with all vendor software and legacy infrastructure, its technology is designed to provide immediate and long-term benefits. The product suite includes eforms (FX), mobile apps (MX),  and robotic process automation (SX), which help organisations to better engage with the public, seamlessly integrate teams in the field, and ensure information is available where and when it is needed for more informed and quicker decision making. In doing so, its technology helps to reduce the burden of admin, enabling teams to achieve significant savings in time and money and helping the public access the services they need.

NDL works with a community of public sector organisations that share best practice and innovation, so that similar challenges across the country can be overcome more easily. For more information, please contact or visit


Swindon Borough Council has employed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve processing efficiency, enhance the safeguarding of citizen data and manage high application volumes as part of its Free School Meals programme, resulting in a 66% reduction in application turnaround time for parents and carers.
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Medway Council has migrated 6 million records from an old documents system into a new one using RPA. The automation has resulted in a substantial cost and time saving for the Council, improving data integrity and accuracy in the process.
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Our new four-part series consists of short webinars packed with tips, know-how, and real-world process automation stories from across the public sector. These free-to-attend webinars include Public Sector Digital Transformation: Start your journey with RPA and Intelligent Automation and Public Sector Digital Transformation: Automation Case Studies from Local Government.

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