Did you know that ENGAGE™ is the #1 Lean Modeler Software for Local Authorities in Holland?

With ENGAGE™ you have all the tools you need to get your processes lean and agile

Process management in Local Authorities is often complex: there are many different processes, the stakes are high, and legislation at local, national and European level is changing rapidly.

Demands on your services are increasing at the same time as unprecedented budget cuts being applied year on year by Central Government. How do you improve or even just maintain service delivery against those odds?

The ENGAGE™ Process Suite offers access to all modules which will enhance your business process power. Help identify savings, engage stakeholders and speed up your delivery.

The ENGAGE™ Process Modeler is the engine room of the product allowing you to rapidly map, model and improve your business processes. Save time and money by using this mature product to speed up your project delivery.

So you can relax in the knowledge that working with ENGAGE™ you’ll be able to take care of it.


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