Made Tech are public sector technology delivery experts.

We provide Digital, Data and Technology services across the UK market.

We help public sector leaders to modernise legacy applications and working practices, accelerate digital service delivery, drive smarter decisions with data and enable improved technology skills within teams.

Founded in 2012, we grew by helping startups to build products fast using lean and agile principles.

Since 2016, we have been helping public sector organisations to adopt these skills, capabilities and ways of working to deliver better outcomes for citizens.


Cloud discovery audit for Cambridgeshire County Council

We helped LGSS and Cambridgeshire County Council to assess the potential benefits of cloud migration and provided strategic recommendations.

We were asked to conduct an evaluation of an ongoing cloud migration project for LGSS, a shared services company owned by Cambridgeshire County Council, Northamptonshire County Council and Milton Keynes Council. The aim was to evaluate cloud migration for Cambridgeshire County Council and recommend possible next steps. Read more here

Building an API platform for Hackney Council

We unlocked critical housing data using an open-source API platform and microservice architecture.

In order to build a new income collection service for Hackney Council, we needed to unlock critical housing data from legacy applications. This involved fixing the plumbing and building an open-source API platform so the new income collection service and other digital services could consume this data. Read more here

Housing Income Collection at Hackney Council

A digital service that increased rent collection and freed up case workers to support vulnerable residents.

With secure tenant arrears increasing, Hackney Council needed people to pay for their social housing. However, they knew that reclaiming arrears through the courts might cause some people to become homeless. Therefore they wanted a case management service that would help them to collect rent and support vulnerable residents. Read more here

Data infrastructure transformation for Hackney Council

We helped Hackney Council to move its critical housing data from a legacy vendor to a cloud-enabled infrastructure.

With a new digital service for income collection utilising a new API platform and microservice architecture, Hackney Council was ready to start replacing the legacy system that held its critical housing data. It wanted to investigate cloud-based, managed database services and to understand what the right architecture approach might be. Read more here

Housing Needs Modernisation at Hackney Council

We’re helping Hackney Council to investigate and improve a range of housing needs services for staff and residents.

Hackney Council is in the process of redesigning their benefits and housing service in order to reduce friction between staff and IT systems, manage demand on the service, make the service more efficient and effective, and prevent homelessness. To do this, it engaged us to work in partnership with FutureGov. Read more here