SLIDEDECKS: these can be uploaded pre-webinar or dropped into the webinar once you’ve started. These are best in PDF Format

VIDEOS: these can pre-loaded or dropped into the webinar. The videos need to be in MP4 format or you can also drop YouTube links into the Video Player

HANDOUTS: these can again be pre-loaded or dropped into a live webinar. They can be in any format. Case Studies/Product Sheets/Surveys/Attendee Exercises etc. You as a presenter click on the Handout button as and when you want them to be issued and then the attendee has the option to preview/download them.

POLLS: You can run online polls during your webinar to encourage interaction/discussion/engagement and either have the results published there and then during the webinar or share the results post webinar as a piece of content. These can be added prior to the webinar and also added on the hoof.

OFFERS: if you want to provide the attendees of the webinar with a special offer or incentive, this can be set up and the offer can be set to come onto the screen at any time during the webinar.

WEBCHAT/Q&A: there is a webchat area for observations and inter-attendee chat during the webinar and also a dedicated area for attendees to post questions to be answered at the end of the webinar. Attendees will be able to identify a question they were also going to ask which they can upvote on and prioritise.