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Below you will find the links to the recordings of the webinars from the 1st virtual LocalGovCamp


We’ve had some outputs sent to us from a couple of the webinar facilitators as a record of what was discussed/created on their session:

Four Post-Covid Futures And what this could mean for digital leadership  Click here for Output

The Pandemic and Beyond: Charting & Strategising for Ongoing Uncertainties  Click here for Output


MONDAY 11th May 

Prof Mark Thompson: Keynote     View webinar here
Future-Gazing at what the “New Normal” for Local Gov will look like  View webinar here
Remote collaborative workshops – how to get them right    View webinar here
Digital & Social Inclusion: Mapping Coronavirus Risks     View webinar here

Delivering a Digital Response – How Local Gov is leading through a crisis    View webinar here

TUESDAY 12th May

After Lockdown: What services should we keep, what services should we lose   View webinar here
The Pandemic and Beyond: Charting & Strategising for Ongoing Uncertainties View webinar here
Greater Manchester Combined Authority: Early Years Platform & App Journey  View webinar here
Using AI & Chatbots Post Lockdown  View webinar here
Remote Control – Digital Inclusion in a time of social distancing   View webinar here


Delivering Innovative Digital Solutions that support communities during COVID-19
View webinar here
Devon County Council: Operation Crane – Responding to Covid19   View webinar here
Coventry City Council’s Digital Innovation  View webinar here
Digital Engines & the New Normal    View webinar here
An introduction to critique: Learn a simple method to analyse and evaluate your service/product
View webinar here


 Bring Services Back Online – Manage Risks & Issues with free-to-use Service Management 4.0
View webinar here
 Implications of post-covid uncertainty for digital leadership   View webinar here
 Now is not the time to deprioritise Accessibility  View webinar here
 Digital Assistants supporting the Community  View webinar here
The Future Platform for Citizen Service  View webinar here

FRIDAY 15th May

User Research & Testing in Lockdown   View webinar here
Creating Good Digital Content  View webinar here
Community responds to COVID-19 with low-code applications  View webinar here
How can we make better Video in Lockdown   View webinar here
How end-to-end system development has allowed us to maintain and improve service delivery during lockdown?
View webinar here